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Preview: "Allegiant' quotes! The third book of Veronica Roth

  If you didn't hear it, I can tell you. Allegiant is the new book by Veronica Roth, with this book she ends 'Divergent series'.


 You can be allow to read the book the 22th Octuber. The book will be publish that day, although you can pre-order it on Amazon and maybe you are lucky and you get it before the date.


 Why did I say that? In the last days, lucky fans, got their books before the date! Canadian mail had problems with shipping and they sent the books to the fans before the 22 oct.


They recieved the books and of course they published some photos on instagram! Instagram exploded when photos of fans with 'Allegiant' books started popping up. HarperCollins  begged those fans that received the early books to keep the internet spoiler free. (something that they have failed).

'Allegiant' book has 526 pages.


'Allegiant' quotes have been surfacing all over the internet and it's time to put them on my blog!