Teenager Dreams

Hi, my biggest passion is write books, I just starting, but I will make my dream come true. You can follow me on my blog: Las palabras nos hacen volar (Spanish blog) or on 'The Words make us fly' (English blog)

Why is it so hard to make friends and to have followers on Booklikes?

Since I joined Booklikes I realized that it is really hard to make friends or  to have followers. I followed a lot of people but they never give you back the follow, they never take a minute of their time to see your profile. Why is it happening?

I joined for talk with book lovers, for make friends, for exchange books and books expirences... but I haven't get anything like that. Why? The only people, who I've talked since I joined Booklikes, have been Booklikes official profile... And I think this is really wrong, and it makes me feel sad and angry.

I want to meet new book lovers, I want to talk, I feel so alone here, on my blog!


I think this webpage was created for talk between us about books, for exchange expirences with books, for meet new people... and this is what I am going to do.


I am going to look for blogs that have the same taste as me reading books, I am going to follow them and I am going to wait to them to follow back me. I won't wait for a follow back, I am jut hope you follow back, to be friends, to talk between each other about books.

I Hope to find someone who wants to make friends (book lover friend haha).


And I thought the best way of start to make friends is making a poll or a debate about books!


I would like to start backward Kate: My name is Nieves and yes, I have read '50 shades of Grey'.

In the last days we have discovered who will be the protagonists of '50 shades of Grey'!      


Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam


And Internet exploded!!! Why?

They were not the favorites for the role. Everybody had an image of their Christian Grey and their Anastasia Steele in their minds.

The reality does not match the fiction.

Everybody was expecting for the E.L. James choosing their favorites.

(I have to say I was dissapointment too, I prefer Ian Somerhalder  for Christian Grey rol.


You can't say me that he is not the perfect Christian Grey...)


But the reality is so different...

So for you, Who would have been the perfect Christian Grey and the perfect Anastasia Steele?  (I didn't have favorites for Anastasia role).