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World's Top-Earning Authors

Today I read an article about World's Top-Earning Authors published on forbes magazine.

 There are two things that caught my attention, One more surprinsing than the other.
Top 16 of The Top-Earning Authors Of 2013 

(ranked between June 2012 and June 2013):


1. E.L. James ($95 million)

2. James Patterson ($91 million)

3. Suzanne Collins ($55 million)

4. Bill O'Reilly ($28 million)

5. Danielle Steel ($26 million)

6. Jeff Kinney ($24 million)

7. Janet Evanovich ($24 million)

8. Nora Roberts ($23 million)

9. Dan Brown ($22 million)

10.Stephen King ($20 million)

11. Dean Koontz ($20 million)

12. John Grisham ($18 million)

13. David Baldacci ($15 million)

14. Rick Riordan ($14 million)

15. J.K. Rowling ($13 million)

16. George R.R. Martin ($12 million)


  First of the things I was surprised about its E.L. James in the first position. I know it is a big saga, but I never couldn't think that she will get first position (maybe because it was just a fanfic with flat characters.) I think the story only deserved one book, the rest of the books is for earn more money. And how we can see, she got it, more money.
The second surprise is Jk Rowling, after finish with Harry Potter saga, she is still on the Top 20! I have to say that I am bit dissappointed with her, she should be on the Top 10!
But 'The casual vacancy' wasn't a big best-seller; people was waiting new Harry Potter book, but they got another book that they didn't know how to start to read it. The only thing who save JK Rowling was the e-books of Harry Potter. Pottermore sold $4 million in the first month.

Third, George R.R. Martin, Despite the success of the television serie, the author of 'Game of Thrones' didn't sell  all that he had wanted. THe true is that I was hoping see him in the TOP 10.

And 'Suzanne Collins', 'The Hunger games's author, is the only one who is in the correct position.