Teenager Dreams

Hi, my biggest passion is write books, I just starting, but I will make my dream come true. You can follow me on my blog: Las palabras nos hacen volar (Spanish blog) or on 'The Words make us fly' (English blog)


The idea of this book borned on the blog: The Magic of the city (themagicofthecity.blogspot.com). One day the creater of the blog had an idea. She though: 'If I put all my photographies in one big book that everybody could read and could see, adding more information about the place, ways to go or stay there, history, why she takes photographies of these places...'   

This is the day when the idea comes true. You're about to read that idea that it has been completed with the pass of time. 

The process haven't been easy, but the book is ready and you already can read it. 

I have been thinking a lot about the idea, and trying to select the best photographies for show you in this book, sometimes it's have been hard to find some infomation of the place, but I have not given up, I want to demostrate to my blog followers that it have been an ambituos proyect, and that they will love the result.

The worst part of write the book have been select the photographies that I've added to the book. I have a lot and I never thought that select the best of them were a really hard work.

I hope that with all my effort you get a fantastic book. I hope you enjoy reading and seeing.