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Small towns, big cities
Small towns, big cities

A travel guide.

The creator of the blog themagicofthecity.blogspot.com, Nieves Herrero Garcia, shares with all her blog followers, some incredible landscapes, new imagenes of the world that she has photographed, some incredible new landscapes that you have never seen posted on her blog.

The e-book is something bigger than a travel guide, you can find there some photographies of the places, descriptions, ways to go there, maps, history of the place, opinions of the people about the cities, towns... It's a big travel guide where you can find a complete file of the place.

You can visit these places reading the book, seeing the photographies, descriptions, reading opinions from people who live there the whole year... and if you feel that is the perfect place to spend some time or rest, You will be welcome to come and visit these places!


You can go to: http://themagicofthecity.blogspot.com.es/2013/01/the-book.html and buy it! Only 5€ or 7$